Spectrum Wave

by Steven Burgess (@trialbyfun)

Its a sort of hybrid between a tunnel shooter and starfox with a wireframe styling similar to something like elite.

Holding Z charges are more powerful shot which can be used to detonate chains of enemies.

Development Time:
30 hours ish
Tools etc:
The game was build Unity3D, however non of the engines major features was used. The game was created by writing pixels straight into a texture2D ( including fonts which was an array of ints specifying whether to paint the pixel or not! ), no 3d software or 2d painting tools used, it was all hand plotted in textedit to keep it as authentic as possible. The ship took a couple of hours on its own to plot out!

Developer Notes:
I’m proud of getting the game to playable state. But, in the end i’m not as happy as i’d wanted to be with the balance of the gameplay. There isn’t enough risk vs reward and the scoring system isn’t particularly clear or intuitive.. Its something i’d like to come back to in the future ( including the visual style ), but in the meantime i’m uploading anyway for posterity!