Are you there Theseus?

by BeeTLe BeTHLeHeM

King Minos keep requesting seven youths and seven maiden every year, to enter the Labyrinth and feed the monstrous Minotaur. But now Theseus has decided to stop this horror, and with the blessing of Minos daughter, Ariadne, it’s ready to walk the dark corridors and find the monster.
But the Labyrinth is deeper than he thinks…

AYTT is a fantasy roguelike, with the basic feature of the genre (permadeath, procedural generation, multiple-level dungeon) and various interactive content (monsters with particular properties, items, shops, tiles with special effects).

Development Time:
mostly the last weekend, plus the last week evenings… about 28-30 hours I guess.
Java + Slick2D Java game library, Eclipse Juno for coding, Paint.NET for the pixel graphics, bfxr for sound effects, BASin + Audacity to program, play and record the theme music.
Developer Notes:
The resolution is 256×192 upsampled x3 (768×576) for better viewing.
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